Project Scheduling With PHP

Dynamically Create Auto Scheduling Gantt Charts With PHP

About A Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. Each project task is represented by a separate bar and it's duration is shown using the bar length. These representative bars display each tasks start and end date, as well as, the associated complete percentage. The power of a Gantt chart comes with the ability to provide dependencies among the project tasks. By linking one task to another, software can make assumptions as to when a task may properly fit within the project schedule. Using these assumptions, the software can create the most efficient timeline for completing your project and display it using a comprehensive Gantt Chart.

Introducing phpGanttChart

Our goal is to develop a dynamically generated Gantt chart image based upon the programmers input. We have created a suite of classes, using PHP object oriented syntax, that not only displays the appropriate tasks and associations but also takes part in the scheduling of these tasks. Based upon task links and constraints, the software will create the most efficient timeline for project completion. Using numerous links types, task constraints and even milestone markers, our software will determine circular references, conflicting constraints and map out a project schedule that conforms to all valid situations. Each link type can also be modified by assigning "lead" or "lag" times to the associated link. This allows for a more refined description of a task relationship. The final result is a colorful chart image that displays all tasks, links, constraints and more. Each element of the image is configurable for full customization.

phpGanttChart Example
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